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1. Log into your 3shape communicate account. (

2. Click "connections" at the top of the page.

3. Search for us by entering in ""

4. Select "Star Dental Lab".

5. We will accept your connection.

6. Before scanning setup the TRIOS Rx and choose "Star Dental Lab" in the lab menu.

7. Scan and once you're done make sure that "Star Dental Lab" is  the selected lab.

8.Please call us before sending your first case.

1. Create an account on

2. Once your account is activated, log in to your account and click on

"My favorite labs."

3. Search for "Star Dental Lab" by entering "78613" into the ZIP code field and click search.

4. Check the box to the left of "Star Dental Lab" to set us up as a favorite lab.

5. Login to your cerec software and complete the scan.

6. Complete the cerec Rx.

7. Select "Star Dental Lab" as the lab under favorite labs and send the file.

8. Please call us before sending your first case.

1. Log into your Cadent Itero account. (

(You can add "Star Dental Lab" as your lab by contacting Cadent/Itero technical support at 1-800-577-8767

2. Add "Star Dental Lab" (ID #21525)

to your scanner menu.

3. Next time you log in onto the scanner "Star Dental Lab" will be able to receive data.

4. Complete the Itero online Rx.

5. Complete the intraoral scan.

6. Select "Star Dental Lab" to send the case and file.

7. Please call us before sending your first case.

1. Log in to CS Connect as a Dentist. 


(Call 1-877-624-6243 for additional help.)

2. In the toolbar, click on the partners window, click invite a partner.

3. In the email field, enter

4. Click send. 

5. Complete intraoral scan.

6. In the case list, select the case then click the download button.

7. In the case submission box , select "Star Dental Lab". 

8. Click the terms of use acceptance check box. 

9. Click submit.

10. Please call us before sending your first case.


1. Log into your Medit link account.


2. Go to partners

3. Search for Star Dental Laboratory

4. Request partnership

5. Please call us before sending your first case


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